Free Closing Cost Grants

Q: I’m Military/Veteran. How can MHAF help me with the Housing Grant to buy my dream home?

A: MHAF helps with your entire home buying process. Our nationwide network of trained agents will help you from start to finish and will help make the home buying process as stress free for you as possible. The grant from MHAF helps with the closing costs associated with your home purchase. This grant is a free gift that you never have to repay. With our assistance, you end up saving THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in out of pocket expenses. In many cases but not all, you may even end up with funds in your pocket after the close of your transaction. These funds can be used anyway you see fit. Many families use them for moving expenses, new furniture, landscaping etc. Log on to or call 720-932-8049.

Q: Am I eligible for a the MHAF Military housing assistance grant?

A: The MHAF housing assistance grant is available to all military, reserve, guard, veteran and civilian employees of the military. As long as you have the credit capability to obtain a mortgage, you can take advantage of the MHAF grant. You do not need to be a first time home buyer. The program is available to all military or veteran personnel wanting to own a home. Do keep in mind, the grant from MHAF is a free gift that you never have to repay under any circumstances. Our plan is to keep your out of pocket expenses to a minimum. All you need to do is log on to our website or call 720-932-8049.

Q: With your gift program, what are my out of pocket costs?

A: In most cases, but not all, your out of pocket costs are usually limited to the earnest money deposit required when you submit your offer to purchase real estate and your inspection fees for that property. There may be some other fees associated with real estate purchase such as property taxes. Our plan is to keep your out of pocket expenses to a minimum. Our agent will negotiate concessions from the seller and the MHAF grant will help towards your closing costs. Our mission is to expand housing opportunities for military families and the gift is a true gift that never needs to be repaid.