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Do you highlight employment opportunities for Veterans entering their post-military phase?

We are all about highlighting employment opportunities for Veterans. These brave Veterans deserve jobs that can provide a bright future, and this includes jobs for disabled Veterans. Military Connection wants to shine a light on the importance of post-service employment. In a perfect world, employment opportunities would be a part of military benefits. We are doing our part by posting employee directories and job postings, as well as opportunities for Veteran training for a number of trades and careers. Companies that hire military Veterans are the companies that we focus on here, because they are companies that, like us, want to honor Veterans for their service by helping them transition to their future. 

You will love the many tools you will find here that highlight employment opportunities for Veterans. Don’t search blindly for Veteran jobs when we can point you in a number of directions right here. Resources you will find on the Military Connection website include:

  • Job postings
  • Virtual job fairs
  • Employee directories of companies that hire military Veterans
  • Veteran training and education opportunities 
  • Education benefits and scholarship information
  • Information on military loans
  • Information on military insurance
  • Cost of living calculator

We will never stop focusing on helping Veterans find post-service employment. How better to show our gratitude as a society than to find jobs for disabled Veterans in particular, as well as all of those who have served. The degree to which we help our Veterans in this regard will say a great deal about who we are as a society. 

Each and every Veteran deserves a rewarding post-service career, and we’re proud to do our part in making that happen.