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Does your site offer information on Department of Defense jobs?

You’ll find the latest in U.S. Department of Defense jobs here in the job listings on MilitaryConnection.com. In addition to employment opportunities at the DoD, you will also find information regarding Department of Defense schools, something of great importance to military families. Many different types of defense-related jobs can be found here, including U.S. Customs jobs, municipal police jobs and more, as well as the respective pay scales for each employment opportunity found here. Start your job search here!

Military families are often expected to live outside of the United States in areas that may be limited on quality schools. Department of Defense schools are staffed by highly qualified teachers and administrators, and we can show you where these schools are located.

The U.S. Department of Defense has graciously allowed us to use their official pay charts and pay scale rates, allowing you to access the kind of information about Department of Defense jobs you’ll need to determine your level of interest. You will find information regarding U.S. civilian employment opportunities as well. Such resources are what make Military Connection such a valued resource for Veterans and military families.

We pride ourselves on offering complete, up-to-date job listings, and invite you to peruse them in order to potentially find the perfect employment opportunity for you. There are very few places where you can conduct such a thorough job search, one that even includes pay charts and pay scales. So what are you waiting for?