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ARMAD – Amateur Radio ARMAD is an annual NON – POLITICAL Amateur Radio Public Service project that stands for Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day. Amateur Radio Operators from around the world to team up to allow the people from our communities to gather at public locations such as shopping centers, parks, VA hospitals, and sporting events to express verbal positive support “LIVE” over two way radio for members of the Military, Veterans, Reserves, National Guard, Retired, Coalition Forces, First Responders, and Military Support Groups. 
Armed Forces News Service US COAST GUARD Headline News in supporting our troops and their families. 
Army Wife Talk Radio Army Wife Talk Radio is the original internet talk radio show designed specifically for army wives by army wives.  
Blackanthem Provides the Military Community with updated News & Information. 
Coast Guard Channel Website specifically containing news & videos about the U.S. Coast Guard 
Coast Guard Magazine Monthly magazine produced by US Coast Guard public affairs in Washington, DC. 
Coast Guard News and Information Up to date Coast Guard News. 
DefenceTalk Your complete resource for International Defence, military and strategic news and information. 
DoD News Article Archive Stories & Articles archived at the website 
HOOAH!!! Radio HOOAH!!!! Radio brings another way for families and soldiers to connect with one another, another way for us to salute our men and women of the US Military and Allied Forces being active duty or a veteran, and to act as a source of entertainment. 
Military Buzz Check out Military Buzz! Military Buzz contains daily DoD News Articles (courtesy of, Public Service Announcements for Military Families, Press Releases, Newsletters & more! 
Military Magazine Military is a monthly history publication written by the men and women who were there; in essence an oral account in print in the words of those who served. Unlike most military history chronicles, Military encourages the subscribers to become involved in what is published.  
Military Mom Talk Radio Military Mom Talk Radio provides a powerful platform for women to discuss their ideas, issues, and concerns with respect to the military lifestyle. 
Military News Network Military News Network (MNN) provides global coverage of military news, world affairs and related military, war and conflict information. MNN is pro-military and pro-US, but welcomes viewers from all countries. MNN encourages viewer participation in the sharing of military news, information and analysis. Our special interests include U.S. border security and the development of a nationwide organization of U.S. citizens ready to respond to crisis situations. 
News Blaze NewsBlaze is a National and International online newspaper that offers textual and visual news, combined with hyperlinks and background information, giving readers a more complete understanding of the news stories of the day. NewsBlaze gets the word out on many important issues that otherwise receive little or no coverage. 
Talking with Heroes Talking with Heroes interviews men and women in the military, military support groups, veterans groups who have programs for helping men and women who are or who have been deployed, companies who have projects for helping our troops, musicians with support our troops and patriotic songs, athletes who support our troops and more. 
The Coast Guard Today A resource for todays Coast Guard 
U.S. Coast Guard News and Current Events Official press releases regarding current and recent operations around the US Coast Guard. Filed by US Coast Guard public affairs offices nationwide. 
US Armed Forces News Service We Support our Troops by publishing news releases that report the activities and accomplishments of active duty service members of our Armed Forces. This site is dedicated to the members and families of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Releases are published for all 50 states, plus 9 US Territories and Possessions. 
USCG Amateur Radio Net Official Website of the Coast Guard Club 
Veterans Network Veterans Network is the first inter-television Network dedicated to the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our nations Freedom.  
Veterans Today News, Info, Benefits & more by Veterans for Veterans