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Find the latest information on both Coast Guard jobs and Coast Guard civilian jobs right here on the Military Connection website. We can help you conduct an effective job search, and it all begins with up-to-date job listings that offer employment opportunities with great potential. It’s no secret that many men and women are eyeing opportunities in Coast Guard employment as well as Coast Guard civilian employment. There is an employment opportunity out there that is perfect for you. Your job is to find it, and we can help.


There is nothing quite like a career in the Coast Guard. Jobs in this elite branch of the military can be found in our jobs listings as can opportunities for those leaving the Coast Guard and seeking civilian job. All of the information you need for your job search can be found right here.

We link to the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, featuring recruiting, Coast Guard jobs and Coast Guard civilian jobs. Also featured are enlisted, officer and Reserve careers and Coast Guard civilian employment. Along with Coast Guard employment job listings, you will find other valuable links to Coast Guard organizations on our site. We provide the best online resources to help you find the right career for you.

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