Zelda Quiring’s 9/11 Memory

I remember that date very well. We were watching television around 6 that morning. My husband was getting ready to go to work and we were in the kitchen, in our condo in Southern Calif. My husband yelled that a plane had hit the Twin Towers. We thought it was an accident since planes have done that to the Empire State Building previous times. Then another plane crashed into the Towers and all of a sudden we knew there was a problem! The next day we were due to leave from LAX to British Columbia for a week’s cruise to Alaska. We went about our business the rest of the day. I even went to have a pedicure. We actually thought we were going to leave for the cruise. We even packed. Of course, that never happened. We then drove down to Coronado to spend a few days. The freeway was pretty empty except for Marines coming from Camp Pendleton. There was a sign above one of the freeway overpass praising the USA. The shock of that day still lives within me. I think about the passengers on Flight 93 and the “Let’s Roll” motto. I still get tearful remembering that week.

Zelda Quiring
Bullhead City, AZ