Your Art Could Be Part of Naval History

Watercolors of Freedom...

By Debbie Gregory.

Just because someone serves in uniform doesn’t mean that they don’t have a creative side. Some of the world’s most creative works of art in painting, sculpture, music literature, theater and film are a result of military history and experience. No one sees war as clearly as the individuals in uniform who have lived through it. Specifically, when it comes to painting, the retelling of stories which glorify victories, convey the sacrifices, and humanize the suffering associated with warfare and military service have been a staple of human culture since cavemen painted on walls. Currently, the art curators at the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) are inviting sailors to become a part of this tradition.

The art curators at the NHHC are asking for paintings, illustrations, and even comics to include in the Navy’s art collection. The curators will consider any form of drawing, sketching, painting or other hand-produced artwork. They will even consider doodles on lined notebook paper for acceptance.

The mission of the NHHC is to collect, preserve, protect, present, and make relevant the artifacts, art, and documents that best capture the Navy’s history and heritage.

Capturing the experience of naval life, culture and heritage through art is vital to telling the American sailors’ story to the world. Who better to tell that story, or paint that picture, than the sailors themselves?

If you or someone that you know is a current or former member of the United States Navy or Navy Reserves and likes to draw, paint or sketch you are encouraged to submit artwork to the NHHC. Works that are accepted by the NHHC can be included in their various galleries, including the online exhibit. So the artwork submitted could find a place with U.S. Navy history and culture at the Naval History and Heritage Command.

To submit artwork, please send an email containing contact information and a photo of the artwork to [email protected]

For more information about the Naval History and Heritage Command, please visit their website at