WDC’s 9/11 Memory

My family had left for work and school. I was preparing for another long day at WRAMC. More post op rituals. The phone rang and it was my late father, he said, “Bill, turn on the TV.” and hung up. I turned on the television and the first tower was burning. Then I saw the second plane impact. I remember screaming at the television watching the emergency personnel going inside. There was no doubt that they were coming down. I cried and begged God that they would have enough time. I don”t remember leaving that same spot until after my family returned home later before noon. I still had one boot off, I made all of the important calls. I had called my unit immediately and told them I was coming up. They told me not to as they might be evacuating. We live near BWI and the absence of aircraft movement was so unnatural. Walter Reed suspended my appointments for some time. The phone calls, the emails, the faces of people as they silently moved without making eye contact. We all wanted to do something, anything, anywhere, and immediately. I remember how soothing it was to go to the range. There were friends who went to work on the piles. I told them to use the maximum chem protection. I can”t watch the television shows. I still see those images in flashbacks and nightmares. I have so much more respect for emergency service personnel. I thank the Good Lord that one of four aircraft, 25%, had men who stood up. They will always be the true heroes of 911 to me. I bought miniatures of the four aircraft and remember.