Volunteer Work That Pays Veterans & Provides Valuable Experience

Volunteer Work That Pays Veterans

By Debbie Gregory.

Many Veterans transitioning into civilian life are having a difficult time making ends meet. Jobs for Veterans are usually found among the retail, food service and labor industries. Veterans are used to working for little pay, but were dependent on the many benefits that came with their military service. Low paying civilian jobs tend to also come with a meager benefits package. Most Veterans feel that their military service should account for more experience and result in better paying civilian employment.

Most Veterans felt a great sense of pride in their lives while they were in uniform. These same men and women believed that they would step right out of their uniforms and into a high-paying career with benefits and a bright future. Those who haven’t reached the upper tiers of jobs for Veterans often feel like they are failing.

But a major component to success in the corporate world is social networking. And most Veterans haven’t had an opportunity to make a lot of civilian networking contacts. Now there is a non-profit organization created by Veterans for Veterans, designed to aid in the transition from the military to civilian life by offering Veterans paid fellowships to work at nonprofit organizations.

The Mission Continues helps Veterans both financially and mentally. It is commonly known that charity work significantly raises the self-esteem of those who volunteer to do it. Veterans who are experiencing a bout of depression or lack of satisfaction with their civilian lives are uplifted by the charity work that is included in their fellowship.

While no Veteran will strike it rich doing a Mission Continues fellowship, Veterans who are granted fellowships will get enough money to live on. But fellowships give Veterans vital work experience and social networking contacts that are crucial to landing the upper tier jobs for Veterans.

Military Connection continues to be a proud supporter of The Mission Continues. It is only through supporters and sponsors that the non-profit organization can continue to function and expand. In 2013, the Mission Continues granted 800 paid fellowships to Veterans. The Mission Continues’ leadership and staff  are trying to expand that total to 1,000 fellowships. If you would like to donate to The Mission Continues or Fund a fellowship please visit the organization’s donation portal.