“Veteran School Salute” Award Launched by MilitaryConnection.com


Colleges, universities and trade schools that go above and beyond for their Military/Veteran students can now receive recognition for doing so. The inaugural “Veteran School Salute” awarded to D’Youville College.

MilitaryConnection.com is proud to announce that they are presenting their first “Veteran School Salute” award. This award was conceived to recognize Veteran-friendly colleges, universities and vocational schools that go above and beyond in their efforts to provide premium education services for their Military, Veteran and military-dependent students.

There are approximately one million Veteran students nationwide who are currently attending institutions of higher learning and vocational schools using the education benefits earned through military service. These education benefits for Veterans, such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill, are one of the prime reasons why our young men and women enlist in the military. The GI Bills, including both the Post 9/11 GI Bill and Montgomery GI Bill, cover the cost of the tuition and fees that Veteran Students otherwise might not be able to afford. The Post 9/11 GI Bill also pays students a housing allowance that is tax free.

“Our Veterans have sacrificed so much for our nation so that we can live safely in the greatest nation in the world,” said Debbie Gregory, Founder & CEO of Military Connection. “They have more than earned the education benefits they receive for their military service.”

With so many Veterans using their education benefits, schools are competing for Veteran enrollments. And with so many schools to choose from, MilitaryConnection.com developed the “Veteran School Salute” in order to help Veteran students distinguish which schools are doing the most to put Veterans at the vanguard of their educational programs.

“Veterans have a choice when it comes to which school to attend,” Ms. Gregory said. “Our ‘Veteran School Salute’ is designed to show Veterans those schools that offer the most valuable education programs that best serve Veterans and cater to their specific needs .”

Military Connection is proud to announce D’Youville College as the inaugural recipient of the “Veteran School Salute.” D’Youville is a Yellow Ribbon School located in Buffalo, NY. The school has shown a dedicated commitment to their Veteran and military students. D’Youville has been a pioneer in developing innovative ways to serve those who have served. On top of recognizing and accepting various VA benefits and programs, the school offers its own grants and waivers to its Veteran Students. D’Youville’s treatment and consideration of their Veteran students proves that they truly put student Veterans first. MilitaryConnection.com is proud to award the “Veteran School Salute” to D’Youville College.

Only Veteran-friendly colleges, universities and vocational schools that go above and beyond are eligible to be awarded the “Veteran School Salute. If there is a school deserving of being “saluted” for its efforts in providing the best educational services for its Veteran Students, please let us know at [email protected]. We would love to recognize other schools so that Veterans will be cognizant of the very best schools for them.