VA Hiring Healthcare Professionals: Change Their Image

VA hiring

By Debbie Gregory.

In order to provide optimum health care for Veterans and their families, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has launched two advertising campaigns to help spread the word that they are accepting applications for Medical Professionals.

The VA has over 1,700 facilities, serving approximately 8.76 million patients per year in all capacities of health care. The VA has revamped their health care system, and is currently hiring medical professionals to help meet the needs of their patients.

So the VA is hanging out the help wanted sign with two advertising campaigns. The first is the “No Other System” campaign, where the VA is announcing that there is no better place to work than the VA healthcare system. A key selling point of the VA system is that no other system in the country allows medical professionals to transfer their licenses and certifications from state to state.

The second ad is the “Our Veterans Need Us” campaign. This campaign points out that there are over eight million Veterans from previous generations, with more coming from the current generation. This factoid leans towards job stability, and the long term need for health care providers. The “Our Veterans Need Us” campaign gives prospective applicants the feeling that by providing health care for those who have served, they are also serving their country.

It is true that America’s Veterans do need the best of the best. Although there has been a negative undertone when referring to VA health care, this has been due primarily to long waits, and Veterans feeling as though they have been falling through the cracks. But given the sheer number of people the VA serves, the consensus is that VA healthcare does the best that it can with the budget that it receives. However, the VA is making an obvious attempt to change this image and remove the negative aspects from their brand of health care.

These advertising campaigns, coupled with the fact that they are hiring mass amounts of professionals, are positive steps towards improving the quality of VA health care. With so many positive changes happening through the VA, Veterans can look forward to greatly improved healthcare. Veterans have given their best, and they deserve the best.