Traveling with Kids? Helpful Tips to Ease the Stress!


Traveling with kids, traveling to the other side of the world – what’s the difference? Packing the suitcases, appeasing grumpy passengers and TRYING to keep a schedule all take a lot of effort and coordination. But fear not, Armed Forces Vacation Club is here to help! Here are a few ideas to ensure a great travel experience.

Be strategic with time

Especially with young children, it could benefit you greatly to try and plan your travel time around their nap schedule. Traveling during a scheduled nap can help fill some time and give you the best chance at arriving with a happy camper!

Create a car playlist

Before you get in the car, create a special play list just for your drive. Try to fill it with a few of each child’s favorite songs. You could even bring a few books on CD!

 Have special travel toys

Try to reserve a few special toys that can live only in the car. The excitement of playing with a favorite toy can help the time move quickly. You can even take it one step further and buy a new toy for the trip – even something small can be a big hit

 Photograph it!

Give your kids a disposable camera to take photos of different things they see on the drive. This can help keep them engaged while driving, and provide a souvenir from the trip

For additional tips, check out AFVC’s 10 Tips For Traveling With Kids.

Safe travels and great adventures!

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