Translating Military Skills to Civilian Jobs


By Debbie Gregory.

Hiring veterans enhances any workforce. Veterans possess strong leadership skills, strong work ethic, and team member skills. Veterans work well under pressure. However, transitioning from a veteran job to a civilian career can be challenging.

The challenge in finding employment most often is their ability to convert military skills to civilian job skills on a resume and during an interview.

Capital One Bank and Capital One Foundation has partnered with Easter Seals Serving DC | MD | VA.  Easter Seals Serving is an organization providing support services for individuals with disabilities and special needs, including Veterans, wounded warriors and their spouses, to transition to civilian life and navigate meaningful career paths.

The partnership is part of a national workforce development initiative by Capital One. The partnership will focus on helping match Veteran job seekers with higher quality jobs, and to train and retrain workers to compete for jobs based on local community demand.

The Veteran Staffing Network is a social enterprise business developed by Easter Seals Serving DC | MD | VA that builds on their experience in Veteran employment programs. By focusing squarely on the individual needs of employers and veterans, they can provide the best match for each position, while supporting our nation’s Veterans to successfully transition back to the civilian world.

Capital One’s commitment to Easter Seals will specifically support the organization’s new Veteran Staffing Network (VSN), a nonprofit staffing agency exclusively for Veterans and their families. The VSN will provide comprehensive, wrap-around support services to both the veterans transitioning to civilian life and the businesses seeking to hire military servicemen and women. These wrap-around services provide access to programs designed to meet additional needs that may impact access and retention of employment, including:

  • Operation Employ Vets, an internet-based employer training program designed to outline the benefits Veterans bring to an organization
  • Little Warriors and Child Care program, which is designed to meet the unique needs of wounded warriors and their children and spouses, addressing the urgent needs for family stability
  • Veteran Caregiver Training, a comprehensive, multi-modal (classroom, web-based, and DVD/workbook) training for caregivers of veterans,  addressing a wide range of critical caregiving topics. is a leader in the military and veteran realms for connecting prime military candidates with outstanding career opportunities in both the government and civilian sectors. Please visit our website: