Stanford Offers Free Summer Program for Veteran Students


By Debbie Gregory.

Veteran students who are using their education benefits to earn degrees often voice ways to improve the system. After all, who better to make recommendations than Veterans themselves, who see firsthand where confusions and obstacles lie within Veteran education? The best educational institutions for Veterans are the ones that listen to Veterans, and put their feedback to use. Stanford University is doing just that. Based on an idea by one of their Veteran alums, William Treseder, Stanford University’s summer session will be launching a new program, Stanford 2 to 4: A Veteran’s Accelerator.

This eight week scholarship program is designed to aid Veteran students’ transition from a two year college to a four year university. The program will run from June 21st  to August 17th. Stanford 2 to 4 will provide Veterans who have already completed one to two years of college with an assortment of tools and resource to succeed on the next leg of their paths to success.

Through Stanford 2 to 4, Veteran students will enroll in two tuition-free classes at Stanford University’s summer session. All participants will enroll in a writing/rhetoric workshop. This class will help prepare Veteran students for writing assignments at a four-year university, and assist students in their development of critical reading, writing and research skills, useful for any area of study. Each participant will be able to choose an additional academic class, with the help of an academic advisor. Upon completion of these two classes, participating Veterans will receive credits from Stanford University that can be used towards their degrees.

A maximum of 20 Veterans will be selected to participate in Stanford 2 to 4: A Veteran’s Accelerator. Along with the classes, the program will also provide Veteran students with a wealth of information. Stanford’s summer session staff will be providing academic advising, benefits information and informational seminars with current Stanford Veteran students– who can tell their comrades what to expect from educational programs at the university level.

“This program is designed to build on your military experience and prepare you for an elite education,” said Jess Matthews, Associate Dean and Director at Stanford University.

The program is all inclusive. Veteran students accepted in the program will participate at no cost to them. Stanford University summer session will provide for tuition fees, private bedroom accommodations in a shared suite on campus, fourteen meals per week, and a $400 book stipend.

Again, only 20 Veteran students will be selected for the program. In order to be considered for admission, please complete the application before Monday, March 31, 2014 at 1700 PDT.

For more information, please visit or email Associate Dean and Director Jess Matthews at [email protected].

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