Soldier’s Wish Meets Military/Veterans’ Needs


By Debbie Gregory.

It all began when ordinary citizens gathered together to create an event to raise funds to help honor and support our veterans and active-duty military. The initial effort raised somewhere around $50,000, which was donated to the American Legion. Having experienced such success in their freshman endeavor, those responsible decided to keep the effort going, and the non-profit “Soldier’s Wish” was born.

It is the mission of Soldier’s Wish to identify unmet needs of veterans of military service regardless of branch or rank and identify or provide resources to meet those needs by providing needed support directly to the veteran service members and/or their families in order that such service members can lead normal and productive lives.

The relationship with the American Legion continues. The American Legion’s mission and core values meet those of Soldier’s Wish, resulting in a relationship that was approved and adopted during the 2013 Spring National Executive meetings. The relationship gives The American Legion an opportunity to promote its programs and services while granting wishes for those who have served and their families.

Dedicated men and women who want to make a difference and help meet the unmet needs of those who have served are the lifeblood of Soldier’s Wish. But no non-profit can exist without funding.

The Soldier’s Wish gift store sells a variety of items, including hats, T-shirts, bandanas, mugs, dog tags and flags. All proceeds from merchandise go to help them in their mission.

The non-profit also offers corporate sponsorships, and hosts fund raising events, such as October’s Night of Honor Steak and Cigar dinner to be held in Tulsa, OK.

If you would like to learn more about this great non-profit or see some of their success stories, please visit them on the web at

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