Quick Index of VA Benefits and Services


By Debbie Gregory.

Veterans were told exactly what to do in the military. From scrubbing a toilet to servicing an aircraft engine to carrying out a combat mission, chances are there was an SOP detailing precisely how a service member was supposed to accomplish every task. Now that they are on their own, these same personnel struggle as they transition into civilian life. Just figuring out where to go for VA benefits information can prove to be a difficult task.

Military Connection would like to make things easier for Veterans by providing an index of quick links that can help Veteran find the services they need, without getting lost trying to navigate through pages and pages of information.

VA Crisis Hotline – This link will take you directly to a page that will provide Veterans and family members with a crisis phone number, or allow them to chat about their crisis online, or communicate via text. Or call (800) 273 – 8255. In an emergency please call 911.

VA Center Locations – This link will direct you to an interactive map that provides you with an address and phone number of a VA location near you.

New to VA Page – This webpage will provide any Veteran, no matter how long they have used the VA, with useful information about the VA and how to navigate their site. The page also provides you with important toll free phone numbers for Veteran services.

How to Apply for Benefits– This page provides direct links to online applications for nearly all of the VA’s programs.

VA Medical Benefits Package Overview and Enrollment – This link will take you to a VA webpage that provides quick links to a PDF version of the VA’s Health Benefits Guide, as well as a link to enroll in the VA’s eBenefits registry. There is also a wealth of information on the page about Veteran health benefits.

GI Bill – This link will take you to the VA’s GI Bill homepage. From there, Veterans can easily access information about their education benefits or click to apply for their GI Bill.

VA Mental Health Homepage – This page will provide you with valuable information on how to locate help for mental health concerns. It will also provide you with anonymous, confidential screening tools that test for signs of depression, PTSD or substance abuse. There are also links to guides and information about the different mental health disorders and their treatment and prevention.

Homeless Veterans – The best way to help any Veteran that is homeless or in danger of becoming homeless is to connect that Veteran with the VA. This link will provide information and phone numbers designed to help homeless Veterans and aid those who wish to help a homeless Veteran or wish to prevent a Veteran from becoming homeless.

Disability Compensation – This link takes you to the VA’s disability compensation page. From there you can look up benefits and eligibility requirements, and even apply for VA disability.

Home Loan information – From this page, Veterans can find information about VA home loans, including eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Veteran Employment resources and information – This link will take you to a VA page that provides Veterans with links to brochures and information about vocational programs for Veterans, and information on how to succeed in a civilian workplace.

There are many, many more services and benefits that the VA has to offer Veterans. Veterans are encouraged to frequent the VA website at VA.gov and educate themselves on all that the VA has to offer.