Military OneSource Provides Free Tax Services for Military Members & Families

Military OneSource Offers Free Tax Services For Military Members

By Debbie Gregory.

Tax time can be hectic for a lot of Americans. Making sure that all of your paperwork is in order, and taking the time to meet with a tax preparer can be a hassle. Paying the preparation fees for in-person or online tax preparations and filings can cause added stress. For military families, tax season can put increased strain on people already coping with deployments and other burdens of military life.

In an effort to ease the stress of military life, Military OneSource is providing free tax services for members of the armed forces. In a partnership with H&R Block, Military OneSource is offering all Active-duty, Guard and Reserve personnel free tax preparation and filing services for state and federal tax returns.

Most Americans put their tax returns off until the April 15th deadline. Military personnel and families are no exception. But many in the military, with their often frequent relocations, must file tax returns for more than one state. Many military families live outside of their home state, and own or rent property in other states. Military tax returns have the potential to take more time to prepare and file than the average Americans’. In order to ensure that tax and financial services for military are completed appropriately, it is recommended that military personnel and military families begin their tax preparations as soon as possible.

Military OneSource prepared approximately 224,000 federal and state tax returns in 2013. Their financial services for military personnel are so widely used by members of the armed forces because Military OneSource deliberately focuses on the unique tax requirements and financial concerns that are important to the military community. Military OneSource utilizes nationally certified financial planners to assist military members understand how tax laws and military benefits impact them and their tax returns.

The complimentary financial services are available to all active duty military and all Reserve component members, regardless of their activation status, and to Veterans within 180 days of being discharged, retired or separated.

For more information, visit the Military OneSource Tax Services Portal or call 800-342-9647.