Military Connection: Veteran Education & Career Counseling: By Debbie Gregory

By Debbie Gregory

Veteran Education & Career Counseling


After separating for the military, many Veterans find it hard to plan the next step in their career paths. There are so many career options and benefits available, many Veterans find it hard to make decisions on their own, and wind up spending months or even years  at unfulfilling jobs before stumbling on the right path .

The VA’s Education and Career Counseling program offers personalized counseling and support to help service members and Veterans achieve their goals along their post-military career paths. They also help in decision making to get the most out of VA education benefits.

To utilize the Education and Career Counseling program, Veterans must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Current recipient of VA education benefits (GI Bill).
  • Be within six months of separating.
  • Veteran with less than a year removed from active service.

The services that the Education and Career Counseling Program offer to Veterans and soon to be Veterans include:

  • Career Options- Helping Veterans figure out what the best career options are for their interests, skillset and education.
  • Benefits Coaching- Explaining the multitude of benefits available to Veterans, and offering guidance for what benefits and resources would best assist the Veteran with reaching their personal goals.
  • Personalized Support- This can include academic counseling, claims adjustment counseling, or any individual assistance required for situations that are unique to you, your needs and your goals.

To apply, Veterans should download and print and fill out a VA Form 28-2232 and mail it to the nearest VA regional office.

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Military Connection: Veteran Education & Career Counseling: By Debbie Gregory