Military Connection: New Truth About “WMDs” in Iraq: By Debbie Gregory

WMDAmericans were led to believe that Iraq’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were the driving force for allowing U.S. troops to deploy to Iraq in 2003. When no such weapons were found, there were many who felt that they had been lied to about the existence of these weapons by then-President George W. Bush. Perhaps the American people were lied to, but we may discover that the lies were different than what we thought they were.

For the duration of the Iraq War, from 2003 to 2011 and beyond, both the American military and later the American-trained Iraqi troops have encountered chemical weapons remaining from Saddam Hussein’s rule. An estimated 5,000 chemical warheads, shells and aviation bombs have been recovered. While these may have not been the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” described by President Bush, they absolutely were and are weapons of mass destruction, including mustard and Sarin agents, as well as other chemical and nerve agents.

When found in abandoned stockpiles of munitions throughout Iraq, these weapons were destroyed in order to prevent them falling into the wrong hands. But at least 17 American service members and U.S.-trained Iraqi security force members were exposed to these chemical agents… and told to keep quiet about it.

The reason for any attempted cover-up is not yet known. In fact, it would have made more sense to tell the American public that these weapons were found in order for the Bush administration to save face. But with the revelation of this story, three things become apparent:

1)      There are Iraq War Veterans who may need additional care and treatment due to exposure.

2)      It is likely that there are more stockpiles of weapons still buried in Iraq.

3)      Someone may find these stockpiles and use them.

The question that begs asking is that with the likelihood of more weapons of mass destruction still remaining in Iraq, will the Obama administration use their existence as a reason to send American ground forces back into Iraq?

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Military Connection: New Truth About “WMDs” in Iraq: By Debbie Gregory