Military Connection: New Coalition for Veteran Service Organizations


By Joe Silva

In the Post-9/11 United States, there are over 40,000 organizations, as well as dozens of government entities, that exist solely to provide resources and assistance to Veterans. For years, government leaders and Veteran advocates have called for the formation of a national coalition to best serve the Veteran community. Recently, the National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations (NAVSO) has been launched to fill this need.

NAVSO will serve as a trusted, impartial facilitator for connecting private and public organizations, with the common goal of delivering the most impactful services for our nation’s Veterans and their families, who have all sacrificed so much.

NAVSO has a vision to achieve “highly effective and efficient service delivery resulting in an empowered generation of Veterans.” The coalition seeks to realize its vision by carrying out it’s mission of “Improving Veteran and military family outcomes through data-driven collaboration.”

But in order to accomplish its mission, NAVSO will need your help. By joining the coalition’s web-based platform, organizations are connected to a network of thousands of like-mended professionals, whose passion is in serving Veterans and their families.

Members of NAVSO are equipped with the tools needed to be “in the know” regarding the constantly evolving needs of Veterans. NAVSO members also have the ability to collaborate with other member-organizations to ascertain best practices in order to be empowered to deliver the best and most effective services to Veterans.

NAVSO seeks to improve the resources available to Veterans through public, private, and civil organizations across the country through the targeting of organizations which provide specific areas of Veteran needs. These areas include: education, employment, access to local, state and federal benefits, and organizations that provide access to a variety of well-being services.

If organizations, especially those working in the target areas of Veteran needs, ban together as part of the coalition, it could profoundly impact the lives of Veterans and military families.

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Military Connection: New Coalition for Veteran Service Organizations: By Joe Silva