Military Connection: Military Connection Sponsors Mom Corps YOU: By Debbie Gregory

mom corps

Mom Corps is a professional staffing and career development firm that has connected working parents with professional employment since 2005. Mom Corps specializes in finding flexible, meaningful and profitable jobs.

Parents who attempt to enter or re-enter the workplace often struggle to find employment that is up to the standard of their education, experience and needs. Working parents who make their children priority one often feel forced to take jobs below their standards in order to be the parent that their child deserves.

No working parent has it harder than the military spouse. U.S. Military families are frequently relocated, around the country and around the globe. Military spouses, most of them mothers, are among the most underemployed demographic in the country.  In fact, 90% of military spouses are under employed, meaning that their current jobs are below the level their education and previous work experience qualifies them for. On top of underemployment, military spouses earn approximately 38% less than civilians in the same industry, and are 30% more likely to be unemployed than civilian mothers.

Mom Corps was founded by CEO Allison O’Kelly, the wife of a U.S. Army Infantry Officer. Mrs. O’Kelly, besides being a wife and mother, is also a CPA and Harvard MBA graduate. In fact, she held high level positions at Toys “R” Us, and “Big Four” auditor KPMG before she had children.

When O’Kelly returned to the corporate world as a mother, she found it difficult to maintain her former workload while still being a quality mom. After leaving her previous position to practice accounting on her own, she began outsourcing some of her practice’s workload to other mothers. Once O’Kelly saw how many working mothers, with educations and experience, were looking for professional careers that would allow them to raise families, she launched what would become Mom Corps.

Mom Corps has since evolved into an award-winning national talent acquisition and career development firm, connecting thousands of individuals to professional employment. Mom Corps allows its registered users to submit résumés for hundreds of flexible job openings, and search through job postings at no cost to the user.

Due to the overwhelming success of Mom Corps, O’Kelly has launched Mom Corps YOU (MC YOU), a member-only online resource that offers users an added edge over the competition. MC YOU supplies increased visibility to employers, early access to “hot jobs”, direct access to Mom Corps recruiters, access to discussion forums, extra resources (including ebooks, résumé templates and articles) and bi-weekly webinars, with advice and instruction covering every aspect of a working parent’s life.

MC YOU is normally offered as a paid membership service. Membership fees for most users are $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. But O’Kelly and Mom Corps are working with corporate sponsors to provide scholarships to Military spouses, providing them an annual membership to MC YOU at no charge. is proud to announce sponsorship of the MC YOU Scholarship program. For more information about Mom Corps and MC YOU, including applying for scholarships or sponsorship opportunities, please visit

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