Military Connection: Memorial Day Thoughts from Sgt. Galesky, US Army (Ret.)

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At Military Connection, we are honored to work with a number of great non-profit and for-profit companies. Many of them have one or more military Veterans at the helm. Veterans are natural leaders, with many of them having led small teams or platoons throughout their military career.  Veterans are flexible, often times having been plunged into highly unique environments requiring literal do or die-based skills training. They know how to execute plans and have the drive and desire to continue to be leaders, even after finishing military service.

Veterans learn how to be leaders early in their careers. One such Veteran is Michael Galesky, the president of Johnson Creek Enterprises. Galesky is a highly decorated military intelligence professional, retired from the U.S. Army. He was kind enough to share the following thoughts about Memorial Day with our readers:

“Memorial Day to me is a fairly solemn day and I tend to be a bit quiet on that day thinking of those who have served.  My routine that day involves a trip to the Veterans’ Cemetery in Milwaukee. I walk among the head stones and I thank each and every one of those who served to make this country a more perfect union.

My 10 years in the Army taught me so much about selfless service and sacrifice. Memorial Day is to me the epitome of remembrance of those who have served and those who serve now.  They are my brothers and my sisters, people who would put their life on the line for me and for whom I would do the same.

The sacrifices that they have and still make, humble me.  I believe that they should humble us all on any given day, but most especially on that day.  So whether you walk among the stones and thank those who have given, or raise a toast to them at your family barbecue, please remember them.”

Michael Galesky
Sgt., U.S. Army, Retired
Johnson Creek Enterprises

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