Military Connection: Indiana Law Protects Vets: By Debbie Gregory

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By Debbie Gregory

U.S. military Veterans are a proud group of men and women. Most Veterans, after they separate from their branch of service, just want to live productive, peaceful lives. Veterans want to work, go to college, advance their careers in their new fields and provide for their families.

Recently, Indiana became the first state to approve a law that protects Veterans and current members of the U.S. Armed Forces and the Indiana National Guard from employment discrimination. On March 25th at the National Guard office in Ft Wayne, IN, Governor Mike Pence signed the bill into law that authorizes the Indiana Civil Rights Commission to receive, investigate and attempt to resolve discrimination complaints.

If the commission determines that an employer was in violation of the law by failing to employ an individual based on his or her Veteran status, provisions were made that include placing the Veteran in the position they were denied.

But the new law also makes provisions for employers, stating that employers may have an affirmative defense to a discrimination claim. This would be true if a qualification standard, test or selection criteria that screens out or otherwise denies a job or benefit to a Veteran with a disability is shown to be job-related and consistent with business necessity, and performance cannot be accomplished by reasonable accommodation. The law also allows for religious entities to give employment preference to individuals of a particular religion.

Effective July 1, 2014, the new law will require Indiana employers with six or more workers provide applicants with a notice that details this new law concerning employment opportunities for Veterans. State officials in Indiana will develop a model notice that an employer may use to comply with the new law.

Governor Pence often refers to Indiana as the most Veteran-friendly state in the country. With the passing of the new law, it is clear that Indiana stands for those who have served. What is your state, your city, your community doing to stand up for Veterans?

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Military Connection: Indiana Law Protects Vets: By Debbie Gregory