Military Connection: Why Hire Veterans? By Debbie Gregory

Hiring vetsVeteran employees are among the most skilled, trainable and dedicated group of individuals in the workforce. Hiring Veterans can greatly contribute to turning our economy around. Therefore, it is vital that employers understand their Veteran employees and the potential Veteran employees have to elevate the success of the company they work for. When civilian hiring managers are given the tools to understand the Veteran workforce, they will be more likely to recruit these workers and leaders into their ranks.

Military Connection has compiled the following list of general facts about Veterans that can assist hiring managers and Veteran employers:

Many Veterans weren’t properly prepared for the transition– Millions of Veterans have left the military during the past decade. Often times, while still in uniform, Veterans were promised employment solely based on their service. It is only in the last couple of years that service branches have taught their separating members how to market themselves to civilian hiring managers. Most Veterans weren’t taught how to translate their vast military skills to a civilian employer.

Company values are important– Most employees, especially Veteran employees, want to work for a company with values and visions of a cause that is greater than profits. Veterans seek out companies that believe in teamwork, strong leadership and supporting the community. Veterans have been seasoned to support and promote the values of their organization. The “hoo-rah” attitude that Veterans used to fight wars could be utilized in supporting your company’s goals.

Veterans don’t want a handout– Veterans don’t want to be hired solely based on their Veteran status. Through extensive military training and benefits, including the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Veterans have training, knowledge and experience to offer your company. The biggest obstacle that Veteran employment seekers have to overcome is hiring managers who do not recognize military service as employment experience.

Veterans are problem solvers– While serving, Veterans wore many hats and took on varied duties. Veterans received extensive experience in executing orders, improvising when necessary, and crisis management. Veterans also possess the leadership skill set in order to carry out necessary responsibilities and accomplish the company’s missions, such as inter-squad coordination, motivating subordinates, and team building.

Veterans continue to serve– Many Veteran employees may still be serving in the National Guard or Reserves. As a rule, the Veteran workforce is a patriotic and community conscious group. Many Veterans belong to service organizations and clubs, and want to make their communities better places for their families.

When a hiring manager is able to recognize the experience, skills and personality that a Veteran employee can bring to their company, then perhaps the Veteran unemployment rate will go down, and company success can sky-rocket.

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Military Connection: Why Hire Veterans?   By Debbie Gregory