Military Connection: Elections Based on Vets Issues: By Debbie Gregory

electionsThe political advertising campaigns on television and radio, as well as the signs filling our street corners, tell us that it is election time. Every year, we hear how great a candidate is and what his or her stances are. Elections in 2014 have a whole new arena that politicians are jumping on the bandwagon for, and you might want to know your candidate’s position before casting your ballot.

For decades, concern over the state of Veterans healthcare was limited to the Veteran community. But the revelation of deficiencies and misconduct within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has generated widespread sympathy for Veterans among the American public. Voters are more sensitive than ever about the treatment of Veterans, and politicians must address the concern of their constituency if they want to win their elections.

This summer, Congress approved a $16.3 billion Veterans care bill. But according to campaign media analysis, there have been more political ads concerning care for Veterans since Labor Day than there were between January 1st and September 1st of this year.

Analysts claim that there have been over 42,000 television spots aired that mentioned Veteran issues. By comparison, only 14,000 ads mentioned equal pay legislation for women, and less than 7,000 ads mentioned terrorism.

This trend may lend some conscientious voters to consider whether their candidate is truly concerned with Veterans affairs, or jumping on the bandwagon in search of votes. Veteran issues are now among the top campaign concerns of 2014, along with employment, healthcare and the economy.

Every American 18 years of age or older should cast their vote this election day. Voters should take the time to educate themselves on the candidates, proposed legislation, and other concerns in the election. To research all incumbent congressional candidates, voters can utilize  and to find their elected leaders, and see how they have been voting as your representative. For those candidates challenging the incumbents, internet searches can give you sufficient information regarding each candidate, just as long as you read sources beyond the candidates’ personal websites.

As you do your research on your candidates, please pay special attention to congressional candidates’ views on Veterans issues, especially incumbents running for reelection. If their stances or previous votes are not how you would vote, maybe you should consider voting for their opponent.

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Military Connection: Elections Based on Vets Issues: By Debbie Gregory