Military Connection: Celebrity’s Act of Kindness: By Debbie Gregory

By Debbie Gregory

Amy Adams

Many of today’s negative headlines cause people to lose their faith in humanity. Violence, crime, unemployment and politics dominate the news. So when acts of kindness occur, it is always good to make sure that “feel good” stories gets the same viral attention, restoring the public’s faith in humanity.

The story is easier to spread if it features a celebrity. So it is my pleasure to share actress Amy Adam’s random act of kindness.

Adams, best known for her roles in Man of Steel, American Hustle, and The Muppets, was on a flight going from Detroit to Los Angeles. The actress saw that a soldier in uniform was traveling on the same flight. At some point, Adams very quietly made arrangements to swap her first class seat for the soldier’s seat in coach.

Adams intentionally requested the switch discreetly, not wishing to draw attention to the act. Other passengers, who were sitting in first class, saw the exchange and reportedly weren’t even sure that the soldier knew who had gave up their seat for him. But it was reported by the flight attendants  that Adams met privately with the soldier near the cockpit and thanked him for his service. Adams, who grew up in a military family, didn’t switch seats for the publicity.

“I didn’t do it for attention for myself, I did it for attention to the troops,” Adams has told the media since the flight.

The story was only made public by Tweets from other passengers, including ESPN personality Jemele Hill, and an article in the Huffington Post by Ernest Owens, Adams’ seatmate in coach. Owens has a selfie with Adams that he will treasure.

For Adams, it was mission accomplished. That unnamed soldier was treated to a well-deserved, comfortable seat for the flight, and a fascinating story to tell his comrades and family.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to commit acts of kindness, especially for American service members. If you see men and women in uniform, or whom you believe to be service members or Veterans, follow Amy Adams’ lead and show your appreciation in any way you can at that moment. Pay for their coffee, pick up their meal tab, buy their movie ticket, or just shake their hand and say, “Thank you for your service.”

You would be surprised at how much your act of kindness will improve the service member’s day, and your own as well!

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Military Connection: Celebrity’s Act of Kindness: By Debbie Gregory