Letters from Hollywood – Diane Venora

Diane Venora has years of classic performance under her belt, starring opposite many great actors of the 21st century. She is best known for her work in various Shakespeare roles, for which she has received great reviews over the years.

Diane VeronaDear Soldier,

I””m sitting at my dining room table thinking about you—-over there–fighting the war with the bad guys who hate us and want to take us out. I””m thinking about you from Hollywood California where I””ve worked for many years in an industry that””s been good to me—-full of blazing innovation, vision and new technology for entertaining the world. But lately, due to what appears to me as a lack of vision, **or** political pride, **or** the arrogance of ignorance, **or** downright ingratitude concerning what it took and takes to make these United States of America the “last, best hope” for the world—we have made movies that have been less than supportive of our military””s efforts to win the war on terror. I ask you to forgive us.

The very idea of FREEDOM brings me back to you. It””s all about you. Without you guys fighting the “good fight” there is no USA. There is no Hollywood, there is no innovation, no vision, no entrepreneurial adventures, no economy, no sitting at this table on a peaceful, cool California night, no NOTHING–period. I don””t know how to tell you how profoundly, inspiringly, undeniably incomparable and critically important you are to me, to my family and to our nation.

I feel small and humbled in the light of your unselfish service and sacrifice. I””ve lived all over the world and only here have I been able to think, breathe, speak, and move freely. So far.

There are many of us passionate patriots here in Hollywood. We cheer you on, we applaud you, we appreciate you, we love you terribly. And tonight, I wanted to tell you so. God bless you forever and ever. I am hugging you all close to my heart.

Diane Venora