Letter from Hollywood – Tim Abell

A former Ranger with the 75th Ranger regiment, Tim Abell is now an actor and producer. He currently hosts “GRATEFUL NATION”, a show celebrating and thanking our warriors with incredible hunting trips. A tireless supporter of our Troops and veterans, Tim was one of DB Sweeney’s technical advisers on “GARDENS OF STONE.”

To all the men and women serving in our armed services:

Thank you all, for being part of that 1% who felt the calling, to serve something bigger than yourselves. In today’s “Me” generation, and especially in, Hollywood, in the entertainment industry, there is a certain sense of entitlement that many of our fellow Americans feel. The feeling that, “Why should I risk my life or that of my son or daughter’s life when somebody else will”.

I salute you for your courage, your faith, your convictions, your selflessness. I salute your service and your sacrifices. I salute your esprit de corps and intestinal fortitude to drive on and complete your mission. I salute you for signing a blank check to our country to secure and maintain our freedoms and way of life. I salute those of you who return home, not whole in spirit, mind and body, and I especially salute those who have sacrificed all, and leave behind grieving loved ones to carry on. Without you men and women in uniform, standing guard on the wall of freedom, we have nothing.

I am proud to say, I support you and your mission. Thank you all for your service to our great country. God Bless and God Speed.

Sua Sponte!
Tim Abell