John Maher’s 9/11 Memory

Anticipating offering an economic crime lecture at Cambridge’ Jesus College later in week, I telephoned a London-based daughter who told me to put on the “tellie.” I did so and saw the second WTC hit.

International media played reactions in big cities including the USA embassy facing Grosvenor Sq. For the balance of the day in Cambridge, my wife and I were overwhelmed by Brits and others – real people, not pols – going out of their way to say “We are with you. Let’s get the bastards.”

When in Cambridge, I usually visit the nearby American military cemetery. Media did not report the flowers from Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire folk mounded four feet high and ten feet wide around the principal flag pole. We read some of the cards. A common sentiment, again from real people, was to effect “Your boys died for us in the two great wars. We’re with you this time.”

My daughter attended the memorial at St. Paul’s during which, at personal direction of H.M. the Queen, the Star Apangled Banner was played along with the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Watching on TV, I wept. Francis Scott Key celebrated resistance to Brit invaders of the USA and the well read Queen knows that very well. I wept. I also wept as sometime Jesus Dean Barry Rider later arranged a memorial in Jesus’ ancient Chapel. I did not weep but was filled with pride when still later viewing a photo of an FRG Destoyer displaying – quite unauthorized by pols, I’m sure – “We are with you” when passing American Naval units.

The real people know that terrorists posing as exclusive possessors of the truth must be exterminated. Only pols wish to play nicely-nicely.

Dr. John A Maher, LCDR, USNR-Ret