‘inTransition’ Mental Health Care for Transitioning Service Members


By Debbie Gregory.

When military members and their families make a transition — like a deployment or permanent change of station – it is important that they have the right support systems in place. For those receiving treatment for psychological health concerns, the inTransition Coaching and Support program offers personalized support as they move between health care systems or providers

inTransition is a voluntary program that aims to help those returning from deployment; those transitioning to or from active duty; service members separating from the military or temporarily relocating. The program also provides support to service members undergoing transitions of all kinds, ensuring they maintain their behavioral health treatment and successfully continue through the changes in their lives.

inTransition is a confidential program that supports service members move between health care systems or providers. A personal coach is provided along with resources and tools that help service members transition with success. All inTransition coaches are skilled counselors who understand today’s military culture and issues.

Service members and veterans transitioning from the military to Veterans Affairs for treatment or between military treatment facilities now have access to greater consistency in psychological health and traumatic brain injury care, according to a Defense Department official George Lamb. Lamb currently serves as the acting division chief of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) Clearinghouse. He supervises and manages the division’s dissemination and activities; provides marketing guidance; and coordinates outreach. His work entails managing reports, recommendations, analysis and research efforts in support the directorate’s outreach mission.

The Defense Department developed six inTransition program public service announcements (PSAs) to educate service members, veterans, Reserve and National Guard members, health care providers and family members about the program’s coaching resources. The inTransition PSAs provide an overview of what the program provides to each audience and how to get more information.

InTransition is open to all service branches, and is part of a Defense Department Health Affairs policy that identifies and screens every service member with a need for a mental health referral. inTransition has 98%  retention in the program.