Hiring America’s Heroes

Our  Veterans, who have served so bravely in defense of country, deserve every opportunity to attain the American Dream.   Less than one percent of our population serves in the military.  The one percent who serve enable the rest of us to pursue our lives with the knowledge and security that our freedom is protected by these heroes.   They write a blank check for an amount up to and including their lives.  They make incredible sacrifices, as do their families and loved ones.

It is time for America to stand up for our Veterans.  Those who serve make outstanding employees in all occupational areas.  They are disciplined, and have a work ethic second to none.  Veterans are loyal, in good physical condition and know how to focus on the mission.

Not only does hiring Veterans result in adding outstanding employees, it is also the right thing to do. Furthermore, companies can increase their bottom line by taking advantage of the “VOW To Hire Heroes Act” .  Signed into law on November 21, 2011 by President Obama,  this legislation was one of the few acts that was supported by both sides of the aisle.  The VOW To Hire Heroes Act provides significant tax credits for Hiring Veterans and Wounded Warriors.  These credits range from $2,400 to $9,600 per hire.   The amounts increase the longer a Veteran has been out of work and if he *or* she is disabled.

MilitaryConnection.com is committed to connecting transitioning military, veterans and military spouses with outstanding job opportunities in the civilian and government sector.  For the last four years, we have been named a Top 100 Employment Web Site.  Our site provides pages and pages of resources for transitioning military.  We also offer Employers the opportunity to put their hiring message in front of this outstanding audience and repeat it.

MilitaryConnection.com salutes Transition Officers in all services, Veteran Service Officers and Vocational Officers nationwide.  These are the outstanding professionals who help our Veterans find employment. Veterans and transitioning military deserve the best.  The high rate of unemployment among OIF and OEF Veterans is unacceptable.   We challenge Employers to stand up, and Hire America’s Heroes.

Please send us an email if you are interested in learning more about the VOW To Hire Heroes Act, *or* if you want to Hire Veterans.  When the next tour of duty is back home, it’s on MilitaryConnection.com – The Go To Site for Jobs, Education, Benefits and more.

Debbie Gregory
CEO, MilitaryConnection.com