Graffitti of War

Jaeson “Doc” Parsons  and his partner have had a dream since they returned from Iraq. They wanted to do a project  that would bring understanding and healing to soldiers and civilians. Their project, Graffiti of War, focuses on the images created by service members and local nationals while deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.  They are funding this project and handling the marketing of it themselves.  They are currently offering merchandise with the Graffiti of War logo on it, as well as some of the more popular images that they have collected.  All of the funds raised go to support the project.  They have partnered with a non-profit organization, to raise funds and awareness.  As they move forward, they need more individual supporters to help spread the word and fundraise.  For example, military families can help them by letting their loved ones overseas know their project and mission.  They are also looking for organizations that support veterans to work with.  For more information, **or** to get involved, visit