Erik Carrillo’s 9/11 Memory

On September 11th 2001, I was working nights in the 63rd Fighter Squadron at Luke AFB, AZ working for the USAF. In my bed on base in the dorms, surrounded by my co-workers and friends and my phone rang while I slept. During this time my mother, then my grandmother next my father and others called leaving messages. As I woke it was probably the 7th call to my cell phone, alarms in my brain went off as I dawned my BDU’s, called my mother on the phone assuring her everything was going to be fine and ran to the day room. Once in the day room I found my co workers who watched as not more then seconds after entering the later the second plane struck the second tower. Not long after that, reports from DC, New York and others came in about the tragedy that our nation had entered. Quickly, it was apparent that we were at WAR, in the back of my brain I knew my God, Jesus was in control, but I was gripped with fear and confusion. The bubble of safety that I had as an American was popped and we were no longer safe, but a resolve came that we are going to get those who have struck us back! It was not shocking to me however because just a few days prior there was a dream that I had about these events. I was proud to be an American as I am today and ready to work as if unto the Lord at my job fixing and maintaining F-16’s. Change had occurred and it was my honor to Serve the country and the Commander in Chief George Bush Jr. That was a Tuesday morning and later I reported to my squadron to see if they needed help, we scrambled jets to patrol the Nuclear power plant and the city.

Erik Carrillo
Phoenix, AZ