Dick Walsh’s 9/11 Memory

Like many Americans above the age of 25 we remember vividly the events of that day. Most of us witnessed the events unfold on live TV and couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

I had my own small business at the time and upon hearing the news of the initial attack I brought out a small TV, put up the antennae and started watching the incredible events as they unfolded. Many of my customers were police, fire and EMT’s, (my shop was across the street from the largest ambulance company in the area). Their perspective all day was and enlightening experience for me. As those towers fell these professionals knew what it meant to their fellow first responders in New York and I’ll never forget their sense of shock and sadness. Many of them went to NY City to aid and assist in the recovery of those killed and effected.

The direct aftermath of that day and the following days gave this nation a sense of fellowship and support of those immediately affected, that made us truly proud of our fellow citizens who quickly stepped forward to help in many ways.

In the days and weeks that followed the sense of national pride and patriotism came forth as natural as waking up in the morning and putting our feet to the floor. We all gave blood, donated money and prayed for those who needed our assistance and support.

That feeling of helping our fellow man at a time of extreme emergency came naturally to most of us because of the fabric of the American way of life. The three thousand people who lost their lives that day and the hundreds of thousands of family members affected will not be forgotten. We come together as a community every September 11th to pause and remember those victims, and somehow I know we always will.

I have personally worked with our local and state elected officials, community leaders, the police and fire departments, EMT’s and other citizens of our community to come together every year to reflect on this tragic event, and it gives me a great sense of pride to take part in this year’s remembrance ceremony. It is what we do as Americans. America may not be perfect in every way, but we come together to help each other when needed, time and time again. So as we come together again this year to contemplate on the events of September 11, 2001, let us give thanks that we are among the citizens of the greatest country on earth.

Dick Walsh
Braintree, MA