How You Can Make a Difference and Help Veterans and Those who Serve

help a vet

By Debbie Gregory.

“Thank you for your service” rolls off the tongue quite easily. But if you want to back that up with action instead of just words, here are some ways you can truly express your appreciation for those who have served.

Send a letter, pack a care package, make paracord bracelets: Operation Gratitude is just one of the non-profits that sends care packages to veterans, first responders, new recruits,  wounded warriors, care givers, and to individually named U.S. service members deployed overseas and their families waiting at home. There are many other non-profits that do the same to lift the spirits and meet the needs of those who serve.

Donate your time just to visit: VA hospitals and nursing homes will welcome you to visit with wounded, disabled or elderly veterans.

Make good use of your talents: Are you good at organizing? Do you like to garden? Do you like to go to the grocery store? Any of these tasks can be done for a veteran or military family that could use an extra set of hands.

You don’t have to work for Uber to help drive veterans where they need to go. Maybe take them along while you run an errand or two. Sometimes an outing that doesn’t involve a trip to the doctor’s office is a nice break.

Volunteer at a Stand Down: Opportunities to help exist long before the stand down begins. You could secure donations of goods and services. You can help with set-up and tear-down. If your area doesn’t currently have a stand down, maybe you can be the spark to change that.

The bottom line is DONATE!  There’s always a need for monetary donations, time donations and skill donations.

Military Connection salutes and proudly serves veterans and service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Guard and Reserve,  and their families.