Calling All Military Cyber Warriors

Uncle Sam wants military veteran cyber warriors to counter online security threats. The Defense Department has launched a campaign to find 10,000 Americans to become the next generation of cyber warriors.

There is a quiet war being waged by the soft glow of computer screens, a war where information is the prize and unarmed warriors patrol cyberspace from their office chairs, hunting down malware designed to breach computer networks and exploit sensitive data. The front lines in this war are everywhere and anywhere.

As the skills and sophistication of hackers grow, government agencies and corporate America are competing for military trained computer security specialists and military computer hackers.  They are needed to protect their cyber space from enemies that runs the gamut.  These include well-organized criminal organizations intent on financial gain, teenage computer geeks including those from other nations who are hacking for bragging rights and dedicated attacks from hostile nations trying to harm us.

Cyber security standards are security standards that enable organizations to practice safe security techniques in order to minimize the number of successful cyber security attacks. The Pentagon has announced plans to recruit 4,000 more military veterans to defend our country in cyberspace.   The United States Military is one of the largest users of leading edge technology and security worldwide.

The Defense Department reports an average of six million cyber intrusion attempts against our nation or a day.   The DoD says the demand for skilled military cyber operators has never been higher. To respond to these threats, the Pentagon plans to expand its ranks beyond the 900 cyber warfare operators in U.S. Cyber Command.  Veterans with cyber skills are highly viable for these government jobs.   Many Veteran Job Seekers have both the high technology skills and hold active security clearances.

The Chinese reportedly have been hacking into U.S. infrastructure according to former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.  He said that future attacks could plunge the U.S. into chaos, including shutting down power grids, transit systems that control our oil, gas, and water supplies.  Panetta also stated that “A destructive cyber-attack could paralyze the nation”.

Cyber-attacks against our critical infrastructure have escalated.  Hackers are targeting infrastructures systems that control traffic lights, nuclear plants, water treatment plants, large manufacturers, defense contractors and high tech companies. Hackers are also interested in hacking into air traffic control systems.

SANS-Institute, an industry sponsored company, offers information security training programs and operates the Storm Center warning system to detect and analyze cyber threats. SANS is offering a competition called the US Cyber  Challenge.  The Cyber Challenge is focused on recruiting the most talented cyber whizzes.

Our troops and military have protected our nation from harm’s way on the battlefield..  We now need military cyber warriors to protect our valuable infrastructure in cyberspace as Veterans.