California Veteran Friendly Laws

California New Veteran Friendly Laws

California is the home to more Veterans than any other state. The Golden State values its Veterans. California is fulfilling its obligation to our veterans and their families through favorable legislation. California’s Veterans will be able to benefit from new laws that enhance, extend or create opportunities impacting education and employment. Peter J. Gravett, California Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary, explained, “These bills show our commitment to serving those who have served, and we should always honor and remember the service and sacrifice of the men and women who have served this state and nation in uniform.” CalVet is a forerunner in advocating for Veterans residing in California.

Among the new laws are:
• AB 2462, which gives veterans academic credit for certain prior military academic experience
• AB 2478, which expands the current exemption given to veterans from paying non-resident tuition at California community colleges
• AB 2133, which increases the number of years after leaving active duty California veterans are eligible for California college priority registration
• AB 1904, which expedites the professional and vocational licensure process for military spouses and domestic partners of certain active-duty military members
• AB 2659, which allows licensed drivers of military commercial vehicles to qualify for a California commercial driver’s license without additional California driving tests
• AB 2371, which provides restorative relief to a veteran defendant who acquires a criminal record due to a mental disorder stemming from military service
• AB 1505 which reinstates state veterans benefits that were denied solely on the basis of sexual orientation when the federal government first reinstates those benefits
• AB 2198, which changes county veteran service officer reporting requirements to ensure the programs are maximizing support to veterans
• SB 1198, which requires CalVet to provide veterans with information about federal veteran pensions, federal housing vouchers, and CalFresh
• SB 1287 & SB 1288, which allow reduced-fee sport fishing licenses for active military personnel who are recovering service members and reduced-fee hunting licenses for military personnel who are recovering service members