Bonnie Trown’s 9/11 Memory

I watched the television on 9/11 in shock and disbelief as planes were flown into the Twin Towers by people who would never know their victims. Such senseless violence is beyond imagination. An enemy had come to our house and shaken our sense of security. The Towers fell and with them fell away some of our naivety. There is evil in the world and it goes beyond anything we can imagine. That evil still exists today and we can’t let ourselves be lulled into believing that it does not. We can’t be ashamed or afraid to call evil by its name. We must not in the name of inclusiveness allow evil to be overlooked or worse yet accepted. I remember 9/11 and that memory will continue to make me less afraid to say that wrong is wrong; to know that there are things worth standing up for; to value The United States of America and the things that she stands for.

Bonnie Trown