Army Opens Collaborative CyberSecurity Center


By Debbie Gregory.

The Army Cyber-research Analytics Laboratory (ACAL) is unlike any other lab, providing access to highly-sensitive live cyber-security data to government, industry, and academic partners.

The vision of ACAL is to lead the Army’s future cyber capabilities by discovering new knowledge, providing a world-class laboratory and promoting global partnerships.

Its mission is to enhance the quality of research within the Department of Defense by providing superior capabilities, cyber training and data access to the scientific community to ensure their research initiatives are operationally grounded and relevant to cyber operations of today, tomorrow and beyond.

Army senior officials rely on the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) to provide them with the knowledge and understanding needed to make informed decisions on options for disruptive warfighting capabilities with reduced uncertainty and calculated risk.

Soldiers operate in complex terrain wrought with rapidly changing connectivity that’s restricted by spectrum and players — allies and adversaries — on the networks.

With war continuing to shift further in the cyber domain, the ACAL is a necessary ARL resource. ARL planners expect that as the ACAL matures, the laboratory will support rapid development and deployment requirements for the Army’s Computer Network Defense.

ARL’s cyber security research is largely focused on challenges unique to Army ground operations.

As the ACAL matures, the intent is to support rapid development and deployment requirements for the Army’s Computer Network Defense (CND) analytic capabilities across ARL, Army Cyber Command, Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM), and their partners.

The ACAL will also be used for personnel training, product integration, systems engineering, and integrated testing using real-world data.

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