Army Amputee Completes Air Assault School

By Debbie Gregory.

Sgt. 1st Class Greg Robinson is proof that “you can’t keep a good man down”. Sgt. Robinson is the first Soldier with a prosthetic limb to complete Air Assault School at Fort Campbel.  This is no easy task for someone with two legs let alone an amputee.  Sgt. Robinson personifies the spirit of courage and determination.

Sgt. Robinson was wounded while deployed to Afghanistan in 2006. Robinson was determined that his traumatic injury wasn’t going to prevent him from meeting some of the Army’s toughest standards.  He was not going to allow it to finish his Army career. The 34 year-old noncommissioned officer from Elizabethtown, Illinois is a platoon sergeant. He wanted to lead by example for his men, and he did just that.

The Sabalauski Air Assault School at Fort Campbell trains soldiers to perform skills required to make the maximum use of helicopter assets in both training and combat in support of their unit operations. The Army’s Assault School is a ten-day course that qualifies Soldiers to conduct air-assault helicopter operations, sling-load missions, fast roping and rappelling and aircraft orientation, ending with a fast-paced, heavy load, 12-mile ruck-march. The training is designed to push a service member’s limits mentally and physically. The school did not cut Sgt. Robinson any slack.  He finished the march on one leg.

Sgt. Robinson has become the “Poster Man” for all amputees. He affirmed that life is not over when you lose a limb, although a lot of hard work lies ahead.

Fifteen or more people lost limbs at the Boston Marathon bombings. Many more amputees lost their limbs in war. Hopefully, Sgt. 1st Class Greg Robinson’s accomplishments will inspire them to do great things.

Sharing life experiences with other who have faced similar challenges is comforting and helps them to adjust.  Amputation does not have to be a disability.  Those who have gone through this challenge are able to help others on their journey.  Our wounded warriors are an inspiration to all.