App connects veterans with network of military friends

pos rep

By Debbie Gregory.

POS REP is a new app for cell and mobile devices, with proximity-based social networking made expressly for the military veteran community. POS REP connects veterans who served together, but more importantly, allows veterans to discover peers and resources within their communities.

POS REP is short for “position report”. The app is currently in the final stages of Apple approval. Anthony Allman, an Army Veteran, developed the app with a five-man team.

Sgt. Clay Hunt, USMC, was the inspiration for POS REP. Hunt served in the Marine Corps with POS REP co-founder Jacob Wood, and deployed in the same section to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Clay returned to civilian life deeply scarred, with the mental and emotional wounds of war, and as a result, served as a leading national advocate for veterans with PTSD.

Clay moved back to Houston in late 2010, feeling isolated, misunderstood and depressed. Tragically, he took his own life in March, 2011.

At the memorial service, Wood discovered that three Marines, with whom they had both served, lived within 15 miles of Clay’s apartment. POS REP was developed to prevent the next Clay Hunt from happening. POS REP will also serve as a universal mobile platform for the non-profit, government and private sector organizations that support veteran reintegration.

The free download has multiple features, including Radar, which shows a map of other nearby Veterans and allows users to broadcast their own locations if they choose. There is also Sitrep, which allows Veterans to post status updates and communicate with one another.

The mobile app’s long-term goal is to ease the transition from the military by providing additional support and resources through local connections with others who are experiencing, or have experienced the transition themselves.

Wood is also cofounder and President of Team Rubicon, a group of military veterans and medical professionals committed to changing veteran reintegration and disaster response.