Anne Hollis’s 9/11 Memory

I am a teacher in San Antonio. I was straightening my room when the principal and vice principal came and told me about the attacks. My child was 2 years old and my first thought was, “What kind of a world have I brought my daughter into?” . When my second grade class came back I sat them on the carpet and told them a little about what happened. I remember them looking at me and asking me if the people could have jumped out of the planes before they crashed into the World Trade Center. I was quiet and dry eyed with them because that is what they needed but I cried all the way home. I passed a blood bank I had never really noticed before and the place was full of cars, parked on the street, even on the lawn. Everyone wanted to help and it made me feel strangely proud. The blood bank was packed for at least a wee k and a half and flags began appearing everywhere. This was a side effect our enemies didn’t expect. I would like to thank all of the military men and women who have served in the aftermath of this tragic event.

Anne Hollis