Andrew Lenard 9/11 Memory

How was it? For everyone differently. As for me, my wife and I celebrated her 70th birthday with our daughter in North Carolina, and a few days later we were driving homewards to Indiana. We stayed overnight at a motel and, after breakfast, got back onto I-64 westbound to Louisville. I switched on the radio, just in time when the first hijacked plane sailed into one tower. From then on it was one sheer horror in real time. It was clearly an attack on America. Only later did we hear of the second plane, of the towers’ collapse, of the Pentagon, and of the heroic resistance of the passengers on the fourth plane as it crashed in Pennsylvania. But I will never forget the abomination, Pearl Harbor 1941 renewed. Truly, this day too, as FDR said “will live in infamy.” It still does and it will.

Andrew Lenard
Bloomington, Indiana