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6 Self-Employment Options For Those Getting Out Of The Military

The world has changed immensely when it comes to the variety of opportunities to earn at times without even leaving the comfort of your couch at home. After being discharged or retiring there is a chance that you want to work for yourself so you can spend as much time with your family as possible. The ability to make your own schedule after being on a tight schedule for years can add a sense of freedom that you have been missing. More and more people are taking the self-employed route rather than working at an office. The following are options for self-employment that will help you earn as well as tips to succeed.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are in demand for a variety of different types of written content. This can vary from everything to product descriptions, website copy, blog posts, and guest post articles. The need for content comes from the need for businesses to rank high on the search engines for specific keyword phrases. Working on your writing skills is perfect for those that are currently in the military as you will have quite a bit of time to do so if deployed. Writing is much like any other art form as you can improve immensely after a bit of practice. Utilizing freelancer platforms can be a great way to find clients to start earning from your writing immediately.  

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is the process of selling a product online with the wholesaler taking care of the shipping and inventory management. This does not take very much money up front as you do not need anything but a platform to sell on whether it is eBay or your own ecommerce website. The trick is finding the right products that offer quality as well as a good deal so you can increase the wholesale price without impacting sales to take your portion. Finding a reliable wholesaler is the most important factor in this as a wholesaler that is constantly running out of inventory or shipping extremely late can alienate consistent customers quite easily.

Personal Chef

Becoming a personal chef can be a great option for those that have cooked for large numbers of people in the army. You can have a variety of clients that you can make meals in their homes on different days of the week. For people constantly having to travel for business this can be a great option as they will not have to grocery shop or go out to eat. Marketing yourself online is imperative if you want to find the right type of clients. Offering to cater an event for cheap then marketing personal chef services can also be quite effective. If people simply love your food then they are going to be willing to pay extra to have you make it in their home when their budget allows.

Get Your Real Estate License

The real estate industry can be great for those people that enjoy helping people find their dream homes and are detail oriented. There is going to be a plethora of different forms to fill out when a buyer is making an offer or to pre-qualify a buyer with a lender. This will leave your schedule open unless you have to be at a closing or are out showing clients their next potential home. The ability to see great deals on properties can also allow you to start investing in real estate after you have established yourself. Take the time to look up the classes that you can take that will make the real estate exam in your state a breeze.

Tutor Online

There are opportunities to earn money tutoring online whether it is English or a math class. The platforms to earn are not difficult to find but you do need to be proficient in what you are teaching. Tutors often times are given ratings so do not ruin your rating by trying to tutor a subject you are not the best on. Great tutors will find consistent clients to tutor allowing them to stabilize their income monthly.

Drive For A Ridesharing App

Driving for a ridesharing app like Uber or Lyft can allow you to earn supplemental income or earn a decent full-time income. This is going to take quite a bit of documentation as you do not want to be overtaxed for the money that you are earning. Tracking gas mileage is also important so you can write off the depreciation of your car due to driving for the app. This is a good way to learn a new city or to meet interesting people. For those that are not social this could be one of the worst jobs you can give yourself.

After retiring or being discharged from military service it is more than possible to work for yourself for a while or permanently. Take the time to assess your valuable skills to see how you can start earning nearly immediately!