What information do you have on Army enlistment?

Understanding the Army’s enlistment qualifications makes it easier to know if this is the right career path for you. Military enlistment is a huge decision, and Army recruiters are looking for the best and brightest among us. We can help you to prepare for your recruitment visit by educating you as to Army enlistment requirements, military enlistment benefits and more. By spending some time learning more about these areas, you can better determine if an Army life is the one for you. MilitaryConnection.com is proud to be of service in helping you to make the best possible decision. 

As with other branches of the military, the Army’s enlistment requirements touch on a number of areas. These include age, physical characteristics, mental health, drug and alcohol use and, of course, citizenship, marital and family status, criminal history and more. Those who meet these stringent requirements open themselves up to a world of adventure; one with risks and challenges to be sure, but also one that offers a chance to make a true difference in the lives of your fellow citizens and your country.  

There are some aspects to Army enlistment requirements that are fluid. We will always do our best to keep these requirements up to date on MilitaryConnection.com. The same can be said for military enlistment benefits. Check in with us and with your local recruitment center in order to stay current on enlistment requirements and military benefits. 

As you prepare to make your decision on whether to enlist in the Army, consider Military Connection to be a resource you can turn to again and again.