These 10 job skills will   enhance any résumé

By Amanda Miller –   Decision   Times
The Virginia Workforce   Network encourages job-hunters to emphasize the following transferable job skills   on their résumés. The trick is succinctly describing specific experiences in   which you learned or applied the following skills:
1. Budget   management
“People who can handle   money, make sound financial decisions and analyze numerical data are in great   demand.”
2. Supervisory
“People who can interact   with supervisors, subordinates and peers, give orders and instructions, listen   effectively and demonstrate respect and receptivity to others will discover many   doors of opportunity.”
3. Public   relations
“People who can use speaking   and writing abilities to deal effectively with the public will find that few   companies have enough of this kind of talent.”
4. Time   management
“People who can cope with   deadlines, handle stress and beat the clock are valuable and much sought after   by companies.”
5. Negotiation-arbitration
“People who are objective,   stable, problem-solvers should have little difficulty marketing   themselves.”
6.   Speaking
“People who can speak effectively with   individuals or groups, listen carefully and emphatically and portray good ideas   clearly and imaginatively are not only employable but will find many   opportunities to advance.”
7. Writing
“People who can write   reports, memos, letters and essays — in plain language — have a competitive   edge.”
8. Organization and   management
“People who can define   problems clearly (and) evaluate alternative courses of action critically, and   those who can select and effectively implement solutions, are in very short   supply.”
9. Interviewing
“People who can acquire   information and make good judgments are vital to the success of most companies.   A demonstrated ability to ask good questions during interviews and critically   evaluate responses will impress most prospective   employers.”
10. Teaching and   instruction
“Employers need people who   can impart knowledge, develop skills in others, and motivate   them.”
(Source: Virginia Workforce   Network)
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