Military Spouses & Military Moms Speak is a new area of We are inviting Military Moms and Military Spouses to write about subjects that are important to them. Military Spouses and Military Moms serve too. They make incredible sacrifices seven days a week/twenty-four hours a day. They support our men and women in uniform taking care of the military family and the military home. This allows servicemembers to do their jobs without worrying about their responsibilities on the home front. Military Spouses and Military Moms are incredible people. They are honorable, hard-working and goal oriented. For example, many military spouses in addition to being single parents while their significant others are deployed and taking care of the family are also pursing degrees. Some military spouses are pursing training for portable careers under the MyCAA program too. Military spouses and military family members make excellent employees with an extraordinary work ethic. They are also entrepreneurs as well as your neighbors performing community service too.

We want to hear what is important to Military Spouses and Military Moms. We have begun with two outstanding military spouses. Vivianne Wersel is a widow of a fallen soldier who lobbied Congress and made a difference for thousands of other families. Her story is compelling. Beth Steinke is both a Military Spouse and A Military Mom with the most positive point of view. Please submit articles to us that are original content and are 300 to 600 words. Email your article to: info@localhost.