MILITARY TO CIVILIAN OCCUPATION TRANSLATOR is pleased to provide veterans and military service members an important resource, the Military Skills Translator or also referred to as the Military To Civilian Occupational Translator.  This is an important tool that allows Veteran Job Seekers and Military Job Seekers to translate your military skills, military experience and military training to find civilian career opportunities that fit your capabilities.  This can be a difficult and challenging process without this important Military Skills Translator.  This tool helps you prepare your resume and allows you to translate your military jobs, military skills and military accomplishments into terms that an employer seeking Veteran candidates can comprehend.  The Military Skills Translator is easy to use and there is never a cost or fee involved.   All you need to do is enter your military occupational specialty code and hit the search button and the information to transfer your military occupation skills will come up to assist you.  We wish you great success in your job search.  We encourage you to use all of the valuable tools we provide including Job Tips, Interview Questions and more.  Please also visit the Virtual Job Fair, our Job Board and our Directory of Employers.   When the next tour of duty is home, it’s on, the Go To Site.

While our system contains over 10,000 records for Military Occupational Specialty codes, not all known codes may be contained. Note for keyword searches – If you are having difficulty finding your MOS using multiple keywords such as “Aviation Mechanic” please try reducing the number of keywords to “Aviation” or “Mechanic” to expand the possible matches.

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