Letter from Hollywood – Support for our Troops

Actors D. B. Sweeney and Cuba Gooding, Jr. have launched a new initiative to support US troops overseas called Letter From Hollywood.

The initiative aims to get messages of support from the entertainment industry to the troops stationed away from home.

D.B. Sweeney:

“It’s been my very good fortune to meet so many of you, the men and women in uniform serving our country,” writes D.B. Sweeney, whose films include “The Cutting Edge,” “Gardens of Stone,” “Memphis Belle,” and “Eight Men Out.”

“I’ve seen firsthand the great work you do all around the world under dangerous and often very challenging conditions. I’m extremely grateful for the sacrifices you and your families make every day to keep America safe. I’ve come across many other people in show business who also support you. Quietly appreciate the admirable reasons you volunteered and the ideals you uphold. And that’s what Letter From Hollywood is all about. Giving some of these folks a way to reach you. Every week, you’re going to hear from a different person. Actors, writers, directors, technicians. Patriots. People who GET what you do. And want to say thanks. Because what you’re doing deserves it.

Cuba Gooding Jr is the first star to put pen to paper:

“To my men and women warriors who put their lives on the line everyday so that our glorious nation stays free and true I say simply, thank you!” he writes. “Not just for what you’ve sacrificed for our nation but also for what you’ve done so that our freedom as Americans is properly represented to the rest of the world. Every day is glorious when I can give my children, Spencer, Mason, and Piper the assurance that their future as free Americans is safe when being fought for by men and women who represent the best sense of what this country stands for. And I am proud to stand as a witness to the dedication, courage, and above all HONOR you all bring to us here at home.”