Radio Talk Show Host Fights Hard For Mission to Afghanistan

By Alan Gray, NewsBlaze

Most people would be happy to stay as far away from Afghanistan as possible. Especially when we’re talking about areas outside Kabul.

Not so for Talking With Heroes talk show host, Bob Calvert. Calvert has been asked by National Guard soldiers in Kosovo and Ft. Carson Army 4BCT 4ID soldiers in Afghanistan to visit them and document their progress before they all come home in a few months. Of course, he said yes!

Calvert, who for the past five years has dedicated every waking minute of his life to supporting the troops, found sponsors that would make the mission possible. Finding those sponsors took a whole year and there were several false starts.

After completing three previous missions to Iraq, Calvert understands how much organizing is needed to make it happen.

The plan was for Calvert and a cameraman to visit Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan in one sweep, documenting as much as humanly possible in four weeks, and then creating TV and web documentaries. One previous mission, with Jim Martin, CEO of Altitude Sports and Entertainment, was shown on Altitude TV.

This time, at the last minute, two thirds of the funding fell through.

Calvert, besides being a talk radio host, is a machine! Almost nothing stops him, and when something does, he sees it as a bump in the road, a little challenge to be overcome.

So now, he is on a different course to make this mission possible.

When NewsBlaze asked him what drives him to do this, he said “The troops asked me to come document the amazing progress they have made, because the mainstream media hasn’t been doing it. I promised I would, so I can’t turn around now and tell them I can’t make it … I have to find a way, because it is important to them – and to all Americans.”

All that is needed to make this mission happen is the support of a few companies like Canon USA to provide a camera, Hewlett Packard or Dell to provide a laptop, United Airlines or Delta to provide tickets, and 1,000 people to donate $10 and it will be done.

NewsBlaze created a short video interview with Calvert, to explain the need, and he embedded the video in his website.

Bob Calvert is a man on a mission to support the troops, with an unstoppable positive attitude that keeps him going, no matter what.

So if you read this far, you know what to do now. First, watch the video at, click through to youtube, rate it and make a comment, then if you can, make a donation to help him get there and support the troops.

Then send this story to all your friends, tweet it, put it on your facebook, Buzz it at Yahoo buzz, or use email – and ask your friends to do the same.

Let us know you made a donation and we’ll add your name on this page, with a link to your website. Together, as a team, we’ll support the troops and get the progress stories documented before they come home and it is impossible to do.


Silver Star Families of America and Military Hold Official Award Ceremony for Top Doc

Silver Star Families of America and Military in an official ceremony presented the Top Doc award to Primary Practitioner Elaine Yildiz at North Chicago VA Medical Center in North Chicago, Illinois.

Elaine Yildiz PAC at NCVAMC and Sunshine Roth President of Silver Star Families


PR Log (Press Release) – Mar 21, 2010 – After months of nominations and voting by veterans and active duty personel and and their families, in a formal ceremony at North Chicago VA Medical Center (NCVAMC), in North Chicago, Illinois, Elaine Yildiz was awarded the Top Doc award for Primary Practitioner by Sunshine Roth the National President of The Silver Star Families of America.

Those present at the ceremony included Dr. Frank Maldonado, Associate Chief Of Staff for clinical affairs at NCVAMC, Dr. Chowdary Jampala Head Physician of the Mental Health Services at NCVAMC, a large and innovative mental health facility, Pamela Devore direct supervisor to Elaine Yildiz at NCVAMC, Kenneth List, Chief of Community Affairs and Recreational Therapy at NCVAMC, Jonathan Friedman, Public Affairs Officer at NCVAMC, and many other co-workers and Silver Star Family members.

In her presentation speech, Roth cited the background and criteria for this prestigious award, “We wanted to recognize the best of the best who deliver military healthcare and veteran healthcare for the “Above & Beyond Primary Physician and Primary Practitioner Awards”. The most important measure of how well a job a doctor or primary practitioner is doing is through the patient’s feedback. The nomination and selection process for this program was totally based on what patients say.”

Elaine Yildiz PAC at NCVAMC was humble yet joyful in accepting this award, and stated that I only do what I am expected to do. I take care of my patients as individuals and veterans who deserve the best treatment that can be afforded them. Yildiz could not wait to get home to show her husband and family the beautiful award that she had been presented.

The ceremony ended with a special cake from The Silver Star Families of America and productive casual discussion on VA Healthcare.


The mission of the Silver Star Families of America is to remember, honor and assist the wounded, ill, injured and dying of our Armed Forces from all wars.